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Spain has a slight lisp. He sometimes makes a ‘th’ sound instead of an ‘s’ sound when he talks, but it’s only when he is either very nervous, annoyed or so excited he can barely contain his happiness.


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Denmark plays video games with Iceland every Sunday  because he knows Iceland doesn’t feel very included with the other Nordics.


Belarus craves devotion and commitment which is why she’s obsessed with marriage and it’s directed at her brother because he protected her the longest. She believes he will be the most devoted to her above all which is why she chose him in spite of their relationship. 

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Fem!Spain or Carmen is not oblivious like her brother Antonio. Rather, she is a very deep, philosophical, artsy sort of intellectual woman who thinks in the vein of famous Spanish surrealists like Remedios Varo and Salvador Dali.

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Canada can see England’s imaginary friends.

imageScotland cared for England when he was a baby and toddler but had to leave him along in order to hunt for them both. England felt abandoned because he thought he was too weak to be with his brothers. Scotland felt angry because England didn’t understand that they had taken care of him as well as they could without their mother.

Scotland’s never told him; he knows if he brings up up England’s childhood in front of him, it can only result in a fight.


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No nation loves fireworks as much as Hong Kong does.

…even if it sometimes brings back bad memories for him.

All of America’s states despise Germany, Russia, Japan, North Korea and China.

To their credit they’re good at hiding it but none of them will ever forgive them for the concentration camps they used on their own people.

The people that moved to America for another chance.