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That link didn't work btw, but even if it did, it isn't correct. Photobucket is not a legitimate source. You need to find the artist's profile, (whether it be on DA, Pixiv, etc.) and link it to that instead. Using saucenao(.)com can help you find artwork from Pixiv. Using the google image search is another option.

thanks for telling me ^^ I did find the image through google image search so i’ll try finding the picture again and then getting the actual source (though my computer seems adamant about screwing with my links)

Source: ask-your-king-denmark (Tumblr blog)

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According to Denmark, if you pass out drunk in the Nordic living room, someone will cover the floor with Legos and duck tape a blindfold on your face.

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America still wants Canada to become one with him. After the War of 1812, something changed America and he’s been trying to get Canada ever since.  America doesn’t even know why. He loves his brother dearly, but he knows that if he tried anything like that, other nations would be infuriated.


Source: Unknown Artist (can be found on star4848’s deviantart, fanpop, photobucket and several tumblr blogs via google image search)

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When Canada and America were children, England always favoured America. He barely noticed Canada. He would often forget Canada was even at the table, and end up giving America more servings than needed.  Canada stayed with England, unlike America did. However, he only did so England could see he was there, if he would have noticed him as a child, he would’ve left with America during the Revolutionary War. All in all, Canada still loves them dearly.

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Spain has a slight lisp. He sometimes makes a ‘th’ sound instead of an ‘s’ sound when he talks, but it’s only when he is either very nervous, annoyed or so excited he can barely contain his happiness.


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Denmark plays video games with Iceland every Sunday  because he knows Iceland doesn’t feel very included with the other Nordics.


Belarus craves devotion and commitment which is why she’s obsessed with marriage and it’s directed at her brother because he protected her the longest. She believes he will be the most devoted to her above all which is why she chose him in spite of their relationship. 

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Fem!Spain or Carmen is not oblivious like her brother Antonio. Rather, she is a very deep, philosophical, artsy sort of intellectual woman who thinks in the vein of famous Spanish surrealists like Remedios Varo and Salvador Dali.

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